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Murder Dictionary Podcast


MURDER DICTIONARY {mer-der dik-she-ner-e} : a humorous discussion between true crime fanatics : an exploration of multiple cases based on the weekly topic, following the letter sequence of the alphabet : a great excuse for the podcast hosts to call their morbid curiosities "research"

Products Of Murder


Products Of Murder is a true crime podcast that dives into popular as well as unheard of murders. I am the host, Michael Smith. This podcast deals with sensitive topics, listener discretion is advised.

Which Murderer?


Which Murderer talks about the methods, motives and background to murderers and their victims, covering two crimes per episode. An in depth look is taken from the victim's perspective, talking about how their deaths would have felt at the hands of their killers, then the hosts have a macabre debate over Which Murderer we would pick to murder us and why. Hosted by Holly, a Canadian girl living in Scotland who makes everyone uncomfortable with her knowledge of serial killers, along with Gemma who is a native Scot trying to convert everyone she knows into true crime lovers.

Christina Grimmie The Murder of a Star


The murder of Christina Grimmie in Orlando, FL shocked the world. The 22-year-old singer was gaining fans after coming in 3rd place on NBC's 'The Voice' competition show. The Orlando Sentinel goes behind the police tape in one of Orlando’s most shocking killings, which happened during perhaps the darkest weekend in the history of the City Beautiful.

Murder on the Mind


Tyler, Maya and Cesar discuss anything from serial killers, to aliens and everything in between in your new favorite weekly podcast!

Magic & Murder Mysteries


Join bizarre experts Vince Wilson and the enigmatic Vlad each week as they delve into the mysterious, bizarre and magical!



Murdertown is a cold case investigation podcast hosted by Gary Pascal and Shannon Noll, two DePaul-trained actors and world-trained journalists. They travel to Chatapicnic, Wisconsin to investigate the state's most notorious unsolved murder: Catskill "Bones" McGillivray, the jovial and beloved mayor of neighboring Briggsville. But Gary and Shannon soon discover that the mystery of Chatapicnic runs much deeper than one man's death - because a bunch of other people are getting murdered all the time.

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