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Murderific True Crime Podcast 


A True Crime Podcast hosted by Bern from the state of Maine, USA. Topics include serial killers, mass murderers, unsolved cases and the missing. EXECUTING PODCASTS ONE CRIME AT A TIME.

Murder Blows 


This is a podcast that is a phone call between 4 friends. We're out to investigate mysteries and learn about true crime with four specific interests: psychology, paranormal, conspiracy, and international mysteries! We also talk a lot.

Crack This Case 


CRACK THIS CASE a true crime podcast with Host Sharon McHenry Power discussing and examining the mysterious and suspicious, the unlawful and unsolved, the missing and the murdered. CRACK THIS CASE is dedicated to spreading public awareness and being a positive force in making sure the victim’s story is told and that families who have seen no justice and fear their love one is, or will be forgotten, are given an opportunity for their story to be told. CRACK THIS CASE is here to assist law enforcement by spreading awareness on cold cases they continue to investigate. Let’s get the monsters off the streets! Also, from time to time, dramatizations of significant historical events will be presented, as well as a mystery presentation in radio theatre form.

Ohio Valley True Crime 


Ohio Valley True Crime

Sick Sad World 


Sick Sad World is a bi-weekly podcast on the dark and macabre. Co-Hosts Mari and Jasmine will take on grisly murders, spooky ghost stories, alien tales, and all things creepy, bringing their unique perspectives and (hopefully) witty banter. New episodes every other Friday! (Content warnings included before each story)If you’d like to share a spooky story, suggest a theme or case, or just want to let us know how lovely we are, send us an e-mail at sicksadworldpod@gmail.com.Mari is a nonbinary and disabled writer, model, and activist. They write about race, gender, sexuality and ability when they aren’t checking their closet for monsters.

Sad Tales From Underground 


Join hosts Frances and Alex as they discuss true crime stories and the strange things folks utter. By the end of each episode, you'll find yourself saying STFU!