Sunday + Audio Drama = Perfection

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Heart Beats: A Heartwarming Fantasy


An Actual Play Podcast following Jacque and Charlene as they go through their new strange lives in the heart-warming town of Heartbeats.

Folklore and Stories from The Sacred Isle


We are the story tellers, the keepers of those ancient wisdoms that are shared through inspiration and meditation in those most sacred of places. Britain has always been considered a magical place, steeped in history and mythology that goes back to before written records were kept. This country has always been known for its link to those other domains that are shrouded in mist and sorcery, never easily found but always felt and known about. The Isle of Wight is the home of the ancient gods, spirits and the great dragon. This is where they stand and watch over us: above and below, the spirts and energies flow like water. This hidden world has always been linked to our reality by the most scared and mysterious of places. Surrounded by water, the purity of their isolation makes them special, holy and centres of the old magic. Our world is not the only reality, there are other realms where creatures of myth and mystery live. Sacred islands occupy both existences simultaneously with many places of power allowing the veil to be made thin and a crossing maybe possible. Join us on our adventure as we uncover the secrets, the stories, the music and the spirits of our sacred island. Beneath our home the dragon sleeps and she is waiting for the time when she is needed again; from nose to tail, she is threaded through this island and her heart beats for us all.

Fireside Mystery Theatre


Join host Ms. Ali Silva, along with her amazing company of actors and musicians, for an evening of thrilling and chilling tales! Fireside Mystery Theatre is original audio drama performed live. We're like an old-fashioned radio show with a modern macabre sensibility! We perform once a month at The Slipper Room in NYC with a full cast, a live, improvised score along with musical acts to complement our anthology of stories. Also from Fireside Mystery Productions: The Midnight Reading, a special summer series of dramatic readings of lost classics from the world of macabre fiction that have inspired our show.

Superstition Podcast


Superstition is a southwestern gothic mystery audio drama about a private eye, a bartender, a cop, a missing girl, an old mystery and one very spooky town in Arizona. Pay us a visit in June 2018. Created by Sarah Kolb.

The Beacon


After surviving a dangerous encounter with a monster, Bee discovers she has the magical ability to control fire. Confused and with no heroic aspirations, she reaches out online to try and find others with impossible powers like hers - but finding them is only half the battle. Getting along and learning to protect everything important to them is another challenge altogether.

We Fix Space Junk


'We Fix Space Junk' follows seasoned smuggler Kilner and reluctant fugitive Samantha as they travel the galaxy, dodging bullets and meeting strange and wonderful beings as they carry out odd jobs on the fringes of the law. -- A female-led sci-fi comedy sitcom set in the far future, in a high-tech, dystopian world, We Fix Space Junk draws on the Sci-Fi of the past, following in the footsteps of Harry Harrison and of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. -- Equal parts love-letter to sci-fi and satire of the present-day,