Bitch! It’s Madonna’s Birthday! Learn about her undeniable influence with the help of these episodes!

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Ep. 17-Vogue (Madonna)


Louie get up on the dance floor to discuss Madonna's 90s classic, "Vogue."

Madonna: The Queen Of Pop


Today is a legendary day… We dive into the life and music of Superstar Madonna. I once heard someone say “Let art be a source of energy and approach it without any preconceived notion.” And I feel like the same could be said about Madonna. She’s been pushing the the boundries of music in a push-up bra for over 35 years and isnt planning on stopping anytime soon!

Episode 196: Unpredictable Artist Jan 2014, Madonna


Another unpredictable artist of the month is up! We'll bring you the top 4 songs that the Queen of Pop so far made! Host: Angela It's survey time! Go to our website at to do it now, we'll reward you with Spotify Premium and right now, you have a very good chance of winning it, so please go do it right now! We've also got a hint up for the next unpredictable artist of the month!

Episode 2: Is Rihanna the new Madonna?


Host Stereo Williams is joined by panelists Dodai Stewart, former Editor In Chief of Splinter and former Deputy Editor of Jezebel, and Toure, Host of the Toure Show, for a discussion about the connection between Rihanna and Madonna. The panel unpacks the similar way that the two artists inspire women to be bold, how both use sexuality in their music and their ability to crossover different genres of music.

Madonna – Ray of Light | Pop Music


She’d been a material girl, a religious provocateur, a high-fashion diva and a wanton sex Goddess but in 1998 Madonna gave us her most shocking re-invention – a spiritual, introspective Earth-mother. Dan and Andy dive into Madge’s most enduring pop opus – the glistening, experimental Ray of Light. They’ll break down how motherhood, spirituality and heartache led to a game-changing electronica masterpiece. It’s time to break out your Kabbalah bracelets for a brand new Popchops.

Madonna: still the Queen of Pop?


She's the most successful female recording artist ever – and now, 30 years after her first single, Madonna has released her twelfth album, 'MDNA'. It's already caused a stir, with the video for the opening track 'Girl Gone Wild' banned on YouTube for being 'too raunchy'. But is she still good? What's more important: Madonna the brand or the artist? And, at 53, should she really be wearing those hot pants? Neville Hawcock puts these questions to FT writers Lucy Kellaway, Ludovic Hunter-Tilney and Richard Clayton. With clips from 'Girl Gone Wild', 'I'm a Sinner' and 'I'm Addicted'. Produced by Griselda Murray Brown

12: Madonna, from Sean to Warren, Part One


Over the course of two episodes, we will explore the high-cinephile period of Madonna's life and work, roughly bracketed by her relationship with Sean Penn and ending with the dissolution of her rebound affair with Warren Beatty.Learn more about your ad choices.

Iconic Collaborations: Britney & Madonna, Eve & Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga & Beyonce


Q: Does it get much better than two popstars combining talents and budgets to create a true pop music event? A: Not really. Music herstory has been defined by collaborations, and in this episode the Popchops boys are delving into some of their all time faves. They take a squiz back at the time we let Eve & Gwen Stefani blow our minds, Brandy and Monica argued in and out of the studio, Gaga and Beyonce swapped telephone numbers, Iggy Iggs and Charli created a controvercial banger and Madge played pimp daddy to Xtina and Britney. It's Popchops!

Madonna's Dancers, Andrew Christian, and Mark's Hot Package - EP149


We have myriad guests today including Andrew Christian and the creator of Madonna's Vogue choreography Luis Camacho! Plus, your regular cast of Straight Talkers and all your favorite segments.



Night Court, Olympics In Calgary, Fairly Odd Baby, Madonna's Ray Of Light, Grace Under Fire - Feb 16 - Feb 22