Spotify is well known for discovery, and never leaving the user without a song to listen to.

There is currently not a company trying to be innovative with podcasts discovery…. Spotify is well known for music discovery, and I think they could add podcasts to their credentials!

A playlist that is driven by an algorithm to help users discover a new podcasts would be a welcomed feature by all podcast lovers.

Much like Discover Weekly and Release Radar, this would be a playlist that is updated every week.

It would include 4 shows, and display the most recent episode from each one.

Since many different podcasts cover many different topics, it would be best to keep the discovery on the shows, as opposed to individual episodes.

The characteristics of the algorithm are based on:

    - Similar podcasts that the user already follows

    - People that listen to similar podcasts also enjoy these ones

I’ve chosen 4 shows because having 30 shows (like Discover Weekly and Release Radar) would be a lot for users to listen to, and having less shows could encourage users to listen to more episodes from each show.