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9 Surprising Ways Celebrities Made Money


From Lyndon Johnson's ultra-smooth money-making scheme to Akoin's surprising African investments, Will and Mango discover the weird ways some famous people have filled their piggybanks.

The Curse of the Hope Diamond


The Hope Diamond is one of the most iconic items in the Smithsonian's collections, but this glittering gem is rumored to have a dark side. French monarchs, an heiress, and at least one unlucky postman have met misfortune after possessing it—though does that really constitute a curse? This time on Sidedoor, we track the lore of this notorious gem through the centuries, from southern India, through the French Revolution, and across the Atlantic Ocean to its current home at the National Museum of Natural History, to find out for ourselves.

How to Apologize


Is there a proper way to say you're sorry? HG and HH discuss effective and not-so-effective apologies, and their most recent cringe-worthy behavior.

Ep 058 - Ex-Con Groom, The Heckling Dad & Bridezilla Chronicles Pt. 2


Episode 58 is filled with drama from a listener's story about a dumpster fire wedding with an ex-con groom and a heckling father, and our second Bridezilla Chronicles instalment where our secret Bridezilla Informant Tells ALL about her nightmare friend's nuptials; bachelorette, and more!

The Iron Gate


When Dallas Sanchez was stationed in Iraq, he saw danger every single day.  But one night on patrol, when his small kill team took over a house in Baghdad, an unseen force had a message for them: Get. Out. Producer: Anna Sussman Original Score: Leon Morimoto

Elon Musk's Big Stupid Psychedelic Week


The recurring insanity of Elon Musk's life got a little crazier this week with possible securities fraud, a major investment from the worst country in the world, multiple lawsuits, Azealia Banks, and possibly some psychedelics...