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A Skilled Surgeon 


Former LAPD Homicide Detective, Steve Hodel, explains the identity of the Black Dahlia, the circumstances of her murder in 1947 Los Angeles, and how the LAPD's profile of her killer fit Steve's own father, George Hodel.

The Verdict 


How did prosecutors convict El Chapo? With never-before-heard wiretapped phone calls that revealed his cunning, his charm, and how he controlled the flow of drugs that flooded U.S. cities.

Episode 995 - Mandy Moore 


Mandy Moore has already gone through several career phases in her young life, from teenage pop star to animated voice artist to dramatic actress. But her latest phase, as matriarch Rebecca Pearson on This Is Us, came after a long period in which she put her career on hold and lost her sense of self. Mandy explains to Marc what it meant to be emotionally locked into a relationship, how that tumultuous time was preceded by a stunning development in her family, and why she finally feels comfortable going back to making music.

(53) An Oscar is Born 


Today, Pat and I talk about the Oscars, which is very funny because this year we saw maybe 3 of the movies nominated this year. We also talked about The Grammy winners and disagreed on a lot of things. Basically, justice for Gritty, and thank GOD "This is America" got what it deserved.

Harold Nokes Pt. 1 


In 1973, Harold Nokes of Nebraska, had his wildest fantasy come to life when his wife agreed to join him in the bedroom along with his younger mistress. He would do anything to keep the menage-a-trois going. Even kill.  Parcasters - If you enjoyed this episode, please tell a friend about it.

161 - Live at the Blaisdell Concert Hall in Honolulu 


Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Yvonne Mathison and the Maui Yoga Twin case.

151. The King of Silver Linings 


A stress-free 34 year old who loves what he does for a living has to decide what to eat for lunch.