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MoviePass begins with plenty of drama 


Unlimited movie theater tickets for $9.99 a month? It sounds too good to be true and, well... it might be. You can follow Spectacular Failures on Twitter and Facebook using @failureshow. We're @failure_show on Instagram, where you can see photos from Lauren's tour of the former Heritage USA property. Follow Lauren Ober on Twitter and Instagram at @oberandout. Spectacular Failures is powered by you.

La Grande Finale 


Joining Kait Borsay one last time to discuss USA 2-0 Netherlands, it's Carrie Dunn and Tim Stillman. Here's what they discuss:RUNNING ORDER(01:00) USA 2-0 Netherlands - Rapinoe and Rose rise to help USWNT retain the World Cup. Plus Molly Hudson (09:00) on Jill Ellis' post match comments and Annemarie Postma (16:20) on the Dutch post match, and a look ahead to the future.(22:00) Our favourite moments of the World Cup - a montage as we look back on some of those standout moments across the World Cup.(25:00) Looking to the future - investment for teams, expanding the World Cup, and beer for the USWNT.(29:50) FIFA Awards - do we agree?(32:30) The Offside Rule Awards Ceremony.(41:30) A Lynsey Hooper montage(43:10) Merci, au revoir

The End 


In WNTTA's last ever episode for Spotify, journalists Samira Ahmed (@SamiraAhmedUK) and James Ball (@jamesrbuk) join Jolyon Rubinstein (@JolyonRubs) to work out what the future holds for us all. Contains strong language.

Episode 029 - Michael Jackson is a Jedi. 


Welcome to Moonwalk Talks! A Michael Jackson Podcast dedicated to searching out the Facts, Stories and Theories about the King of Pop! On this episode, we prove without a doubt that Michael Jackson is not only a Jedi.. But one of the most powerful Jedi in the entire Universe. Enjoy!

S4 E1: Silhouettes 


The Cat Lady Case, Episode 1 - A witness remembers gunshots and a mysterious fire around the same time an elderly woman goes missing.

Episode 102 - Yahweh ben Yahweh: The Prophet, The Cult & The Temple of Love 


Ruthless cult - The Nation of Yahweh - hit its peak in the late 80s as the self-proclaimed leader, and son of God, Yahweh ben Yahweh promised the people of Miami salvation through messages of black power, total devotion and obedience. His message spread, but so did the fear and control as reports of beatings, extortion, arson, and grisly murders - at the hands of his notorious "Death Angels" - shocked a nation