Happy Birthday, America!


America is weird, but awesome! Find why with these episodes!

The Boston Massacre


The name "Boston Massacre" sounds as though it was the slaughter of a bunch of innocents in colonial Boston. The reality is much smaller - and not nearly so one-sided. But there's a reason why we call it a massacre. And that reason is propaganda.

#700: Peanuts and Cracker Jack


Beer. Water. Pretzels. It takes effort, strategy, and some serious lungs to sell expensive junk food at a baseball game. Meet the hot dog vending legend of Fenway Park.

Reagan's Nashua Moment


In the inaugural episode of Slate's bite-sized podcast about presidential campaign history, chief political correspondent John Dickerson returns to the New Hampshire debate that electrified Ronald Reagan's race for the White House in 1980. Recommended for fans of Slate's Political Gabfest and American political history.

Saving American History


How is the history of a nation remembered? Well -- it all depends on what you keep. We’re talking about recipes, your old record collection, wedding dresses, newspapers, family letters or even your own personal diary. These are the types of documents future generations depend on to understand past American culture.On this episode, Joanne, Ed and Nathan talk about the people who decided to take it upon themselves to collect stuff they knew people would care about someday -- even if others thought they were weird.

Kurt Andersen’s History of American Wackadoodles


Charlatans and magical thinkers aren’t new to this country; they helped shape it. So goes the thesis of Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire. Author Kurt Andersen joins Mike to consider religious quacks, the wackadoodles of the left and right, and the shrinking authority of the academy. Andersen is the host of Studio 360. In the Spiel, we’re long overdue for another Lobstar.

A Sweaty History of the American Gym


When did people start exercising for their health? How were women were responsible for the rise of public gyms and health spas? Listen in to learn more about Jack Lalanne, the Cold War and the Modern Fitness Movement in the United States.

Episode 78: History of American Wine


We all know and love French and Italian wines, and of course California is known for its interesting varietals and grapes but what about wine in other parts of America? Did you know Virginia used to make award winning wine? Tune in to an informative and historical episode of A Taste of the Past with Linda Pelaccio as she explores the history of American wine with Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page.

The Bowery Wizards: A History of Early American Tattoos


The art of tattooing is as old as written language but it would require the contributions of a few 19th century New York tattoo artists -- and a young inventor with no tattoos whatsoever -- to take this ancient art to the next level. This is the story of the electric tattoo machine, how it was first perfected in a tiny tattoo parlor underneath a New York elevated train and how this relatively simple device changed the face of body art forever.