Some Very Merry Podcasts! Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Tales 


Ghosts, lost love and what happens when the festive season is hijacked by the politically

correct brigade… Christmas tales by some of the most cherished writers of our time.

It's A 90's Christmas Podcast 


Join us every week as we discuss one Christmas movie, sitcom episode or the like from the 90's!

Spooky Troop: A Very Scary Christmas 


With 'Scary Christmas' quickly approaching, all of the United Netherworld is ushering in the “season of greed”. That is, until the "misfit monster kids” discover the true meaning of Christmas. In this thrilling holiday special called Spooky Troop: A Very Scary Christmas, the Spooky Troop kids, Stewart the Sorcerer, Valerie the Vampire, Willie the Werewolf, Zianna the Zombie, Michael the Monster, Delilah the Demon and Todd the Oddbot work together to bring the message of joy, love and giving, not taking, to the citizens of Asterlin.

Christmas Past 


Christmas Past is a podcast that tells the stories behind your favorite holiday traditions and celebrates Christmas nostalgia

Welcome to Tinsel Town – A Christmas Adventure 


After making a wish on the Christmas Star, Holly finds herself popping in and out of Tinsel Town, a magical place where it’s Christmas everyday. But after getting stuck there, her friends - a giant candy cane, a mysterious ornament, and a polar bear Queen - need to band together to help her get home. As things start to fall apart in Tinsel Town, the curmudgeonly Conductor accuses Holly of ruining Christmas and does everything in his power to try to ban her from celebrating ever again. Will Holly and her friends figure out where her wish went wrong in time to get her home for the holidays?

The Santa Daily 


Ho ho ho! It’s December which means Santa Claus is getting ready for his big day! He’s telling us all about what he’s up to in the lead-up to the big day and will also be chatting about all the things he likes most about Christmas.

North Pole Podcast 


Brought to you by the North Pole Podcast is produced by elves for believers of Santa Claus everywhere. Nowhere will you learn more about Santa, the North Pole, elf culture and Christmas than on this special podcast.

The Home Alone Show 


Jacob and Taylor count down their top 25 characters from the major motion picture Home Alone week by week until Christmas arrives.

The Most Wonderful Pod of the Year 


Do you find yourself watching Christmas movies (any and all of them...year round)? Do you hum 'jingle bells' while you pee? Do you text back 'ho ho ho' instead of 'ha ha ha'? Well, you're in good company! So do comedians Jackie Gonzalez-Durruthy and Ross Kimball. Join these human-sized elves as they navigate the wintery wonderland of lesser-known Christmas movies. Jump on Santa's sleigh and join them as they talk with their special guests about the movies guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit. So put out the milk & cookies, put on your flannel pajamas, and celebrate the most wonderful time of year with your new favorite Christmas podcast! It truly is The Most Wonderful Pod of the Year!

Dr. Xmas 


Meet Dr. Xmas, your consummate holiday expert. Born on December 25th (we’ll save the year), the holiday has held a special place in her heart since she was a tiny tot. She’s made Christmas and all its festivities, myths and folklore her niche. Exploring Christmas—its joy and magic and what it means to those around her is where she puts just some of her unstoppable, bubbly yuletide energy. In her podcast, she explores holiday themes, rituals and those crazy things we do each holiday season. Some of these you may have been wondering about for years, others well--who knew? All in the name of peace on earth and peace of mind: Why do we fill socks? What's with kissing under the mistletoe and whose brilliant idea was it for making fruitcake anyway? Her goal? To spread good tidings of great cheer and all things Tiny Tim to a sometimes too-busy-for-Christmas world. Whew! Now that's something worth striving for, don't you think? Enjoy and happy holidays!