How’s the world going to end? We don’t know, but these shows have some scenarios. Don’t worry. Some of them are funny!

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A comedy podcast that explores the possibility that we may be living during the end times.

Apocalypse HOW?!


A scientist and a comedian discuss scientifically plausible end-of-the-world scenarios. Join neuroscientist Dr James Cooke (PhD, MSc, BA Oxon) and comedian Rory O'Keeffe ("may not be up to the task of real life" Fest ★★★★) as they embark on an informative journey through what James calls "Human Existential Risk" or what Rory calls “it all going to shit in a big way”.

Let's Die! The His vs. Hers Guide to the Apocalypse


Join Taylor & Bret (& sometimes Wes) as they contemplate, argue and laugh through the greatest and sometimes most impossible of End-of-the-World scenarios. Everything from Pokémon to giant Robot attacks are on the table. Listen as we fight over the complexities of surviving the wasteland from the usefulness of clubs vs. swords to the merits of fossilized peanut butter and the perils of sausage gravy!

The Apocal-Cast


The Apocal-Cast will feature guests discussing the upcoming apocalypse with musical guests

Rapture Drill


Rapture Drill is a podcast dedicated to reframing Revelation, the End Times, and our weird obsession with the apocalypse. This show is curated by Kurt Willems and available online at It is part of the Theology Curator resource network. If you're ready to leave behind Left Behind: we get it. If you’ve been traumatized by doom-and-gloom preaching: let us bring you a good old-fashioned dose of hope. Together, we’ll explore the New Testament passages about the so-called “End,” in intelligent and humanizing ways.