What’s Your Sign?

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This podcast will walk you through understanding vedic astrology... step by step! Signs, planets, placements and aspects along with monthly updates on planetary news.

Alchemy with Ambi 


As we navigate the journey of life, change is not only inevitable but arguably the only constant. Join change agent Ambi Kavanagh as she examines how each of us can navigate the currents of change for our highest good. Sometimes solo, at other times in conversation with guests, episodes explore a wide range of topics, covering mind/body/soul from mystical musings to practical tips and tools. Ambi also shares insights from her own life so that listeners can join her in her real time ongoing journey of alchemy.

The Cosmic Calling 


A podcast for spiritual entrepreneurs and creative souls on a mission to align their life & career with the cosmos. Through weekly episodes that combine astrology, spirituality, personal growth, and career development, Career Astrologer Natalie Walstein from Soulshine Astrology (www.soulshineastrology.com) inspires you to bring more of your personal brand of much-needed magic out into the world while also bringing on special guests to talk about how they found their calling, how their astrology chart matches up, and the insights along the way that led them to soul-aligned success.

The Astrology Podcast 


A weekly podcast on topics related to astrology, hosted by professional astrologer Chris Brennan.

The Astrology Hub Podcast 


How often do you get weighed down by life’s daily concerns? There’s an antidote -- look up! There’s a Cosmic Curriculum that supports and guides you to be your best self, when you tune into it. Each Monday and Thursday hosts Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh, CEO of Astrology Hub, and Donna Woodwell, professional astrologer and astrology hub’s senior editor will share tips, techniques, meditations and forecasts, as well as interviews with spiritual leaders, astrologers and other intuitives, for how you can embrace this natural wisdom to cultivate more joy and grace in your own life. If you’re looking for insight and practical strategies, to join the global community already tapping into the flow, or just a heads up on the week’s cosmic weather, this podcast is for you.

Renee Sills 


Embodied Astrology and other tools for living in your body and from your heart.

Scullywag Astrology 


Scullywag Astrology provides free weekly horoscopes and astrology articles.

Eavesdropping at Midnight 


After-Dark Conversations about Astrology, Alchemy, and Magic