What is “Mercury in retrograde”? Let these episodes do the explaining!

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WYS - Mercury Retrograde


Tips for how to survive Mercury retrograde for each sign.

Mercury retrograde Info


Let's note the before during and after the Mercury retrograde period. These observations of Mercury retrograde that is near the Galactic Centre and its path going back into the 13th sign Ophiuchus makes this an exciting Mercury retrograde period.

EP3: Combating Mercury Retrograde


Raise your hand if you've been hit hard by this mercury retrograde!!  This episode is all about what the retrograde is, what to avoid, and how to get aligned during this up and down whirl wind that retrograde can be!

Mercury in Retrograde


Is there any scientific basis for this fuckery?

5 Ways to Make Mercury in Retrograde Work for YOU.


Mercury in Retrograde. WTH does that even mean? In this episode Andrea breaks it down and helps you harness its POWER!   Five tips and a magnitism session included.  This will be the most meaningful 15mins of your week. Join the fam @MindfulMostly

The Jenn Royster Show: Angel Messsages: How to Redirect Your Energy for Success in a Mercury Retrograde


Dr. Jenn delivers angel messages that bring insight on how to navigate through a Mercury Retrograde with success. Itrsquos the best time to review and revise anything your want to manifest. A gift that comes around 3 to 4 times a times a year and lasts approx. 3 weeks each cycle.Learn how to work with this energy to focus your intention on positive life changes. Step out of your comfort zone and redirect your energy flow for manifesting what you DO want. Time to live the best version of you."Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner." Lao Tzu

Mercury In Retrograde


Today’s Minisode features beloved Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show Virtue, Constance Stellas Many people know about the pesky planetary pattern which happens three times a year: MERCURY RETROGRADE What does it mean?