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Are Dad Jokes Actually Good For Kids’ Brains?


To celebrate Father’s Day, Will and Mango share 9 of their favorite dad facts.

Ep. 7 | Tony Revelori (Spider-Man, Grand Budapest Hotel, Dope)


Tony Revelori and I made a Netflix movie together called, Take The 10. Yeah sure, he’s been in lesser known movies like Spider Man Homecoming and Grand Budapest Hotel too but ya know what? I’m not in any of those movies so who cares. Tony and I talk about our mutual bro crush on Ryan Gosling, why even with the diversity initiative it can be hard to land a role and what it’s like to join the mile high club on your way to meet Wes Anderson.

Nefertiti’s Tomb


Nefertiti was queen alongside Pharaoh Akhenaten. While the remains of other ancient Egyptian royalty have been found, the location of Nefertiti’s tomb remains a mystery. Is it still hidden in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt? Could her remains have already been found in a mummy whose identity has yet to be confirmed? Or did Nefertiti ever exist at all?

How to Tell a Rape Joke


Are rape jokes having a #MeToo moment? Caroline and Cristen talk to comic Cameron Esposito about her new stand-up special, 'Rape Jokes,' and discover a history of this humor that'll change how y'all hear rape jokes today. Trigger warning: This episode contains conversations (and two very unfunny jokes) about sexual assault.

Bilocation & Haunted Alcatraz


Robin & Adam are here with Episode 28 of Scary(ish)! Homegrown Horrors this week include odd premonitions and ghost "apps." For main topics, Robin covers the eerie topic of Bilocation while Adam digs into the haunted history of the island of Alcatraz.

How Separating Migrant Families Became U.S. Policy


President Trump has blamed Democrats for his administration’s practice of taking children from their parents at the border. Why is one of his top aides, Stephen Miller, claiming credit? Guest: Julie Hirschfeld Davis, who covers the White House and immigration for The New York Times.