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How Eaze is changing the customer experience for a newly legal product: cannabis


Eaze totally changed shopping for cannabis in California with its on-demand delivery app. But creating a leading customer experience for something that used to be illegal presents a whole set of challenges most companies will never have to deal with. Starting from the prohibition era and continuing through the medical marijuana years up to the current legalization of adult-use cannabis in California, we see how the retail and delivery industry has changed as the laws have changed. Sheena Shiravi, Director of Consumer Communications, and Mick Frederick, VP of the Customer Experience, both at Eaze, discuss how they are helping customers overcome the stigma of cannabis. Ricardo Baca, CEO of Grasslands and former marijuana editor at the Denver Post, provides an expert historical perspective of the industry. Adweek's Ann-Marie Alcantara explains how Eaze is taking cannabis digital. And Sky Siegel, General Manager for SPC Fleet, describes Eaze's impact on cannabis delivery.



Jen talks to you about her hesitance to listen to the haunted moment in episode 244 and the subsequent journey of having the EVP analyzed, her soul cleansed and what happened to the ghost. Of course the story diverts a few times as Jen vents about people who judge her crush on Billy Bob Thornton. I Seem Fun is part of

You 2.0: When Did Marriage Become So Hard?


There are signs it's getting even harder. In this episode, we explore how long-term relationships have changed over time and whether we might be able to improve marriage by asking less of it.

The Moth Radio Hour: In Transit!


In this hour, we're on the move Three stories from the road, rail, and the sky.

Charles Koch: The Luke Skywalker of Rich People


In Episode 17, Robert is joined by the hilarious Ever Mainard and they discuss Charles Koch, who despite being born into impossible fortune came to believe that he and his fellow rich people were the most discriminated class in America. Over the course of a convoluted and bloody career, Charles Koch would become the driving force behind the infamous “Koch Brothers” and build a rebellion with a goal no less extreme than the destruction of the U.S. government as we know it.

125. Major Postal Bitch


Drugs, rampages, the postal system. This call has it all. Buckle up and enjoy.

17: To Grandmother's House We Go


Part 1: On May 5, 2000, 16 year old Joshua Wolf shot and killed his grandmother, Carol Lindley, before setting their house on fire. Part 2: On September 17, 2012, 13 year old Antonio ‘Tino’ Barbeau beat his great-grandmother Barbara Olson to death with help from his friend Nathan Paape, so they could rob her. Now would be a great time to call your grandma, if you are lucky enough to still have one.