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What are Gravitational Waves?


What does it mean for gravity to make waves? How do we see them?

Episode 59 - This Podcast Brings All the Ghouls to the Yard


Why talk about one ghost when you can talk about all of them? This week we venture to locations with countless resident ghosts. Listen now to hear about the spirits who haunt the Whaley House and Crescent Hotel.  Have ghost stories of your own? E-mail them to us at

5 - Don't Be Scared


At his lowest point, Seth gets an unexpected visitor – former President Sidney Rutherford – the one person whose opinion he holds over everyone else’s in the world. Between the counsel of his mentor, and Congresswoman Helen Chan, his only true ally who knows how to navigate D.C., Seth gets a much-needed boost. Directed by J S Mayank. Written by J S Mayank & David Carlyle. Produced by J S Mayank, David Carlyle, Jeremy Gordon, Spencer Garrett. Cast: Patrick J Adams, Kate Walsh, Shanola Hampton, Autumn Reeser, Lorien Haynes, Iqbal Theba, Kalpana Pot with Ming-Na Wen and Special Guest star Laurence Fishburne. Additional voices: Kerry Fager, Claude Knowlton, Lauren Froderman.

Part One: Ronald and Nancy Reagan: The Bastards Behind the AIDS Crisis


In Episode 25, Robert is joined by comedian Andy Beckerman (Couples Therapy Podcast) to discuss Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan and the AIDS crisis. When Robert started researching for this episode, he expected it would be a fairly straightforward episode about how homophobia and religious fundamentalism in the halls of American power led to an executive branch that fiddled while thousands of gay people died. The story he uncovered was very different, and somehow even more offensive, than the one he'd set out to research.

Interview | 8


This series has generated a lot of questions and comments from listeners for host and reporter Laura Beil. In this special interview episode, Laura talks with David Brown (from the podcast “Business Wars”) about a number of topics that have intrigued listeners, like how Duntsch could have performed less than a hundred surgeries during his medical training. She addresses speculation that Duntsch may have suffered traumatic brain injury from playing football in high school. And she teases the real story behind the “patient” featured in that Best Docs infomercial.