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Spotify Feature Ideas

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Discover Podcasts

Interactive Podcasts

Giving shows the ability to display information on screen would make it easier for hosts to announce tour dates or direct listeners to a source to find out more information about a topic.

This would be great for advertisers to display a link to their website and display that all-mighty promo code.


Advertisers may enjoy knowing that a listeners is not only hearing about their product, but they may also see a link to click.

Playlist for Local Music

Local music is awesome for some, but for others, it’s whatever is on the radio. Let’s change that. Let’s give that Catholic High School-Doo-Wop-Metal-Garage Band the same type of platform as Ariana Grande.

A playlist based on algorithms, similar to Discover Weekly, would be a great way to do just that. People will be able to find new music right in their backyards, and may fill their free time by going to see local bands.

Creator Pages

This will be an easier place for listeners to see the most recent episodes and the most popular episodes that the host has appeared on.

Creator Pages will give hosts the ability to promote more than their own show, and listeners will be able to find other shows that the host has appeared on.

An Events tab will be incredibly useful for creators to promote their upcoming live events.

Hosts will be able to direct listeners to their page to find information on merchandise (books, t-shirts, etc..)

This feature would be an amazing tool for friends to stay connected. Some users might have friends that are traveling around the world, or colleagues may be in their cubicle at opposite ends of the office. Music brings people together.

Listening Rooms

A Moderator is the one who creates the room and invites and removes members. There also can be multiple moderators.

Users will be able to add, remove, and change the order of the songs.

The notification that appears when a user is invited to a Listening Room.

Podcast Playlists

If listeners want to listen to several different episodes from different shows, they currently have to go to each show and queue each one up.

With the ability to add podcasts to playlists, listeners will be able to add several episodes and listen to them when they want to, easily.

Also, users will be able to create playlists based on themes or guests and easily share them.

Users will also be able to add music and podcasts to the same playlist.

Users currently have to go to each show and download the specific episode that they want.


If you need some ideas for podcast playlist themes, check out these ones!

Spotlight Ideas

Allow users to find previous editions of the show, complete with videos and the songs that were included.

Put the Spotlight content  in its own genre in the podcasts browser.  It will allow users to easily explore those shows.


Users will be able to easily find and explore all the shows that have both videos and music.

Also, allow users to be able to download the videos along with the songs, or have the video be downloaded with audio only.


More users may watch if they can listen during a train ride or just want to watch it somewhere without wi-fi and don’t want to use their data on their phone.

The Full Album Experience

A lyrics tab the displays the lyrics of the song currently playing.

Listeners will be able to quickly find more music from the artists.

A tab that displays the artwork from the album booklet.

Displaying tour dates along with the album may encourage listeners to buy tickets.

A Track Credits tab that displays everyone who worked on the song; musicians, engineers, writers.

Upcoming Releases

A section where users can discover upcoming releases is a fantastic way to create anticipation and discover new music!

Other companies already offer a “Pre-save” option, but keeping listeners within the app is a sure way to keep users using Spotify, and bring new ones in.

Once listeners are done basking in the new melodies that they just discovered on Friday, they will be able to see what else is about to be released.

This can also be used by bands to see how well the album/song could do initially, and adjust how they are promoting the music.

Giving artists the option to make their music available for “pre-save” will help Spotify and artists capitalize on fans’ interest in new music.

Bands will be able to share previews of their songs from Spotify, and bands can even encourage users to “Pre-save” if the fans like what they hear.

Spotify is an excellent tool to share music, but it can do more for bands if there are more tools available to build anticipation for the release day.

Giving the bands and fans the ability to share samples of the soon-to-be-released song or album will encourage new users to head over to the Spotify app.

Spotify Audiobooks Redesign

Spotify has greatly increased it’s efforts on Podcasts, and many podcast listeners listen to audiobooks as well.

Why Should Spotify Offer Audiobooks?

No other service offers music, podcasts, and audiobooks seamlessly. Spotify already offers Music and Podcasts, let’s add Audiobooks to that list!

Users will be able to quickly find the most popular audiobooks, and find the latest releases.

Desktop Browsing

Users will also be able to find audiobooks based on genre.

The player screen will be similar to that of the screen when a podcasts is being played.

Mobile Browsing

Users will be able to jump through chapters with a screen that appears when users double-taps on the cover.

Users will be able to add this audiobook to a playlist or share with friends.

This particular audiobook was submitted in two parts.

Desktop Player

The desktop player will have different designs, depending on how the audiobook is recorded.

Some books could be separated by chapters or others may be one-long recording.

The audio mobile player display will be similar to the podcast mobile player display.

Clicking on the “…” will bring up a menu with options to download, add to queue, set a sleep timer, find more audiobooks, and share it.

Users will be able to add audiobooks to playlists or share it with friends.

Tapping on the book cover will display a Chapters List where a user will be able to jump to another chapter.

Authors or publishers can use an external player to post on social media and websites to help promote the book.

Updated Playlist Notifications

As playlist continue to grow to be bigger and a more trusted force for fans to discover music, a notification that a playlist has been updated would be a welcomed feature for curators and fans.

Playlists have become a product in of themselves, with devoted fans and followers. Fans want to be able to find new music from the playlists that they trust the most, and may look forward to see that their favorite playlists have been updated.

The notifications would be similar to the ones that are displayed when a podcast has been updated.

Users will be able to quickly find all the playlists that were recently updated with the ability to Sort By “Recently Updated”.

Custom Home Tab


When users tap on Browse More, it will take them to the current Browse tab.


Some users may want to customize their Home page, and make it more personalized and quickly have access to the features that they more frequently use.


All of the options are, currently, found in the current Home and Browse tabs. Bringing everything into one area will make it more convenient for users.


Tapping on the “…” will bring up the Edit Home View pane.

The Home tab has so much potential to deliver a more personal experience.


Currently, it is bogged down with categories that users might not be interested in, and cannot be changed.


The Home tab could be a little more “home-y” if users were able to customize it to their liking.

Similar Playlist Recommendations

Adding recommended music to your playlist  or automatically creating a similar playlist are both excellent features!

Users, understandably, cannot add songs to another user’s playlist, but adding a “Similar Playlist” to the end of a playlist is a great way to for users to discover new music!

On Tour Playlist

The current Concert tab is already an incredible way to see who is playing, but adding this playlist can help a user discover a new artist or band.


A listener may randomly want to see a concert, they can listen to this playlist, listen to the Greatest and Latest from the band, and hopefully decide to go see them live!

The On Tour playlist is a great way to find out who is playing in the listeners area!


This playlist would include both recommended artists/bands and as well as the ones the users already follow.

Popular In Your Area

Such a feature will allow users to see what is popular in their surrounding area, or when traveling.


Listeners will be able to learn more about an area’s musical taste.

This could possibly benefit local bands and increase their fan base.

And finally, it would greatly increase the industry’s awareness of Spotify’s social features.

Download Daily Mix

The Daily Mix feature promises endless discovery, but that ends when a listener goes offline.

If a user really wants to take their Daily Mix with them, they have to settle for a few songs that are added to a playlist, which can become a cumbersome process.

Adding this feature will encourage users to use the Daily Mix more frequently.

When a user taps “Download” a pop-up menu will appear that will allow the user to select the number of songs that they would like to download.

A simple feature, but one that will keep the great joy of discovery going, even offline!

Adding a Second Queue

Separating the queue will make it easier for users to add content they want to listen to at a not-so-distant later time.


For example, users might look for podcasts while they are listening to music or listening to a podcast while browsing music.


If they find an episode that they find interesting, and want to listen to it later, they have to download it and then look for it in their Unplayed section, which can be difficult if the user has a lot of unplayed shows.

Separating the queues will make it easier for users to quickly switch between music and podcasts/videos



-Users can create a quick list of content that they want to listen to without having to create a new playlist.

-Listeners will be able to sync up podcasts on a queue without interrupting their music listening, and vice-versa.

New Podcast Mobile Features

Adding a Sleep Timer to the mobile app would be incredibly useful Many users listen to podcasts as they fall asleep, and shows will keep on going until they are stopped when the user wakes up.

That could be a lot of missed episodes that weren’t actually enjoyed.

Sleep Timer

The current features offered in the app are fine, but with a few more, Spotify could be the only podcast player users will want to open.

Tapping on the three horizontal lines will display a new menu.

The Unplayed section is pretty simple, but adding a “Sort By” option would be useful to be able to listen to older episodes first.

Currently, users have to find the show that they want and sort from there. Many listeners like to listen to many different podcasts in a row, starting with the oldest.

Users will be able to atomically download and remove podcast.

New Sort Options

Tapping on the three dots will bring up the current menu.

Users will be able to select a “Sleep Timer” from the pop-up menu.

The Sleep Timer option would be found in the current menu when a podcast is being played.

A user will be able to select the time they want their podcast (or music) to stop playing.

The remaining time will be displayed in the same menu where it can also be edited or cleared.

Podcasts You Might Enjoy

Putting something like this in the podcast browser in the Your Library tab makes it quick and easy to find recommendations.

There is currently not a place within the app to get good podcasts recommendations.

The tab already contains the users followed podcast. Why not give them some recommendations in the same place?

External Podcast Web Players

Giving show creators the ability to promote their shows outside of the app is an easy way to promote the show and as well as the Spotify app.

Many podcast apps do not provide this, and creators are either forced to provide a link that is easily missed by potential listeners or upload a video with the audio from the show.

Creators will be able to share their episodes on their social media and embed them on websites.

Your Release Feed

As Spotify continues to differentiate its brand with videos, podcasts, and music, it would be incredibly useful for users to have one place that keeps a running list of all the new releases from the shows and music that they follow.

Users will be able to see all their new releases from podcasts, artists/bands, and video series that they follow.

Think of it as a constantly running Release Radar, but for everything.

There are many artists/bands that release music before Friday. Listeners may not even be aware that they released anything until Friday when it appears on their Release Radar.

One benefit of this is users may forget about something that they follow and never remember to check to see if it has been updated. This allows them to never miss an episode or a song, and never lose interest.

Sharing Selected Audio

If a user wants to select audio from a podcast, they will be able to enter markers by clicking these buttons.

If Spotify offered a way to share just a selection of the audio, more users could share what they feel is the most memorable part of the show. It would be a great way for users to promote the shows that they love!

Users could direct people to a specific part of an interview or moment in the show they want to draw attention to.

    -For example a teacher could easily share something that is related to a topic that they are discussing.

Not only could users share this, but the creators of the show could use this to put on a portfolio website or use as a way to promote an episode by sharing a part of the most interesting section.

Download to a Connected Device


Many times, users will listen to music on a school or work computer, and want to continue to listen to music on their phone, or other mobile device, when they commute home.


If users want to listen to certain content later in the day, or during a commute, they have to remember to download that content on that device before they lose their connection or just forget.

If they are like me, they immediately put there phone on airplane mode when commuting, or are just trying to shut off from the world.

Related Podcasts

On the desktop app, users will find similar shows by scrolling to the bottom of the show.

Spotify is incredibly useful when users run out of music to listen to. It’s right there with more recommendations. Unfortunately, there is not an option like that for podcasts… yet.

This feature will make sure that the dreaded fear of not having another podcast to listen to never sets in.


Users will easily be able to find a new favorite show!

On the mobile app, users will be able to find similar shows (based on content and what other listeners also listen to) by clicking on the menu option in the top right corner.

Secret Genius

The Secret Genius series from Spotify is able to give an incredible behind-the-scenes look at some of today’s biggest hits, but currently, there are so many aspects of the series that are lost because they are not organized in a central place.

There is a podcast found in the podcast browser, a video series in the video series browser, and playlists for each podcast. Users may not even know that these different parts of the series exist.

The playlist featuring music from the podcast can be found right below it. When a user clicks on the cover, they will be taken to the playlist’s page

The podcast can be found in one area, as they are now. When a user clicks on the cover, that show will immediately start playing.

If videos continue to be something that goes along with the series, they will also be able to be found on this page.

If all the content produced for the Secret Genius series is able to be found in one place, users will obviously not have to go out of their way to find it.

Friends Feed On Mobile

Tapping on the this icon will bring up the Friend Activity feed.

Most listeners use Spotify on a mobile device, but the Friend Feed feature is only found on the desktop app.

The Friend Feed on mobile can be greatly beneficial by giving more awareness to Spotify’s social features and allow users to discover new music via their friends.

According to Spotify Insight, about 74% of users listen to Spotify from a smartphone.

Podcast Settings

Currently, users have to manually remove a downloaded podcasts once they are done listening to them.

Once an episode finishes, it disappears from the Unplayed section on the mobile app, and the user needs to go find the show and the episode and then remove it.

Since some users may want to keep some episodes from shows, these settings would be unique to each show.

That takes a lot of time, especially when a show has new episodes frequently, or the user has many downloaded shows they have yet to listen to.

When a user clicks on the “…”, at the top right corner of a show, they will be able to change the settings.

Creating Similar Playlist On Mobile Device

The feature to create similar playlists from a user’s own playlist is only available on the desktop application. It’s a great feature to have, especially when someone wants to quickly find something to listen to.

Bringing this feature to the mobile app would allow users to make a similar playlist while they are on the go, which seems to be most users.

It is a feature that seems more necessary on the mobile app, but having it on both would be even better!

Sorting Podcasts In Genres

Adding an option to organize shows in a genre will make it easier to discover new podcasts.

Users will be able to tap on whichever sort option they would like it to be organized by.

Currently, users are only able to see top podcasts for all genres, and then they have to click on a genre and scroll until they find something interesting.

Sorting By Recently Played Playlists

The current options to sort playlists is very minimal. Adding an option such as this will keep users coming back to listen to their favorite playlist.

If a user follows many different playlists, some of which may be similar in name or length, they might have a hard time trying to find it.

Users may start listening to a playlist while they are commuting, and might not finish all of the songs.

When they sort by “Recently Played Playlists” they will be able to find it and continue listening.

Discover Podcasts

Spotify is well known for discovery, and never leaving the user without a song to listen to.

There is currently not a company trying to be innovative with podcasts discovery…. Spotify is well known for music discovery, and I think they could add podcasts to their credentials!

A playlist that is driven by an algorithm to help users discover a new podcasts would be a welcomed feature by all podcast lovers.

Much like Discover Weekly and Release Radar, this would be a playlist that is updated every week.

Since many different podcasts cover many different topics, it would be best to keep the discovery on the shows, as opposed to individual episodes.

It would include 4 shows, and display the most recent episode from each one.

The characteristics of the algorithm are based on:

    - Similar podcasts that the user already follows

    - People that listen to similar podcasts also enjoy these ones

I’ve chosen 4 shows because having 30 shows (like Discover Weekly and Release Radar) would be a lot for users to listen to, and having less shows could encourage users to listen to more episodes from each show.

Playlists Sort Options On Desktop

When a user has many different playlists, it may be hard for them to find the one that they want. Even typing the name in the search bar might not help, as it sometimes results in many different playlists with similar titles.

The three sort option displayed to the left will help users search through their playlists.

There are sort options on the mobile app, but not on the desktop app, but allowing them on both will make the listening experience even better and more organized!

I absolutely love everything Spotify has done for the industry, and I want to see the company to continue to lead the way with incredible innovations!


I hope you like what you see!

I would love to connect and discuss these ideas and more!