Adding a Sleep Timer to the mobile app would be incredibly useful Many users listen to podcasts as they fall asleep, and shows will keep on going until they are stopped when the user wakes up.

That could be a lot of missed episodes that weren’t actually enjoyed.

Sleep Timer

The current features offered in the app are fine, but with a few more, Spotify could be the only podcast player users will want to open.

Tapping on the three horizontal lines will display a new menu.

The Unplayed section is pretty simple, but adding a “Sort By” option would be useful to be able to listen to older episodes first.

Currently, users have to find the show that they want and sort from there. Many listeners like to listen to many different podcasts in a row, starting with the oldest.

Tapping on the three dots will bring up the current menu.

New Sort Options

Users will be able to atomically download and remove podcast.

Users will be able to select a “Sleep Timer” from the pop-up menu.

The Sleep Timer option would be found in the current menu when a podcast is being played.

A user will be able to select the time they want their podcast (or music) to stop playing.

The remaining time will be displayed in the same menu where it can also be edited or cleared.

Podcasts You Might Enjoy

Putting something like this in the podcast browser in the Your Library tab makes it quick and easy to find recommendations.

There is currently not a place within the app to get good podcasts recommendations.

The tab already contains the users followed podcast. Why not give them some recommendations in the same place?