Once upon time there was just radio…

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MPIR Old Time Radio 


Horror, Sci-fi, Crime, Mystery, old time radio from 30's 40's and 50's "Listen To Dead People"

OTR Detective – The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio 


The great ones are back in action.

Today In Radio History 


Old time radio broadcasts as they originally aired on this date in radio history.

Dimension X 


Hard core science fiction fans are sure to enjoy one of the most dramatic anthologies of the genre, “Dimension X.” The golden age of radio was a period in American history that spawned some of the most creative minds and prolific writers. In fact, this old time radio show paved the way for some of the more popular sci-fi writers today to mark their place in the literary scene. More notable among then new authors were Ray Bradbury and the brilliant Isaac Asimov. Dimension X featured stories that were literally “out-of-this-world,” as the central theme’s to each episode would be man encountering some alien race, or man discovering uncharted territories in outer space. The entire old radio show collection is comprised of 50 episodes which aired from April 8, 1950 and ended on September 29, 1951.

Nostalgia Radio 


Nostalgia Radio is your home for all the greatest classic radio programming!! Visit our website at www.Nostalgic-Entertainment.com for more old time radio programs, classic films, and television, and more!!!!

Retro Radio Memories Podcast – The Retroist 


A show about and featuring full old Old Time Radio episode hosted by Vic Sage and The Projectionist.

Yours truly, Johnny Dollar 


Für über zwölf Jahre von 1949 bis 1962 (mit einem Jahr Pause zwischen 1954-1955) erzählte diese Serie die Fälle des "Mannes mit dem aktionsgeladenen Spesenkonto, Amerikas berühmten freiberuflichen Versicherungsdetektiv Johnny Dollar". Johnny war ein gekonnter "Bewahrer" seines Ausgabenkontos. Der Name der Show beruht darauf, dass er zum Ende jeder Sendung seine Ausgaben zusammengerechnet hat und die Folge mit dem Satz "End of report... Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" beendete. Alle Hörspiele sind in Englisch.

Golden Classics Great OTR Shows 


Classic Old Time Radio Shows, from the 30's onwards, great classics that will be enjoyed by all