Guest Also Appeared On These Shows

A user may be looking for a podcast for a particular guest, and not necessarily a new show to listen to.

Allowing users to browse based on a particular guests will be great for they  can learn more about that person, and more easily follow their career.

On most podcast players, the show is usually what is most prominently displayed, and usually the easiest to search for.

Users will be able to click on the menu option that reveals the show notes, and as well as see what other shows that same guest has appeared on.

Merchandise With QR Codes


It’s possible that a random person will see these codes on a bag or shirt, recognize that symbol and look up what the codes are. It could make non-users more interested in the Spotify brand.

Yes, sure it might be a little strange for people to go around “taking pictures” of people’s shirts and bags. Let’s hope they ask first or just think “Hey, that’s a pretty cool logo and shirt. I really want one.”

Not so much a tech feature, but one that goes hand-in-hand with one. Merchandise is a great way to increase brand recognition and the QR codes from Spotify.