Interactive Podcast

Giving shows the ability to display information on screen would make it easier for hosts to announce tour dates or direct listeners to a source to find out more information about a topic.

This would be great for advertisers to display a link to their website and display that all-mighty promo code.


Advertisers may enjoy knowing that a listeners is not only hearing about their product, but they may also see a link to click.

Users will also be able to add music and podcasts to the same playlist.

Giving users the ability to download several episodes at once will be much more efficient.

Podcast Playlist

If listeners want to listen to several different episodes from different shows, they currently have to go to each show and queue each one up.

With Podcast playlists, listeners will be able to add several episodes and listen to them when they want to, easily.

Also, users will be able to create playlists based on themes or guests and easily share them.

Users currently have to go to each show and download the specific episode that they want.

Podcast + Video

Shows regularly share videos of extra content on social media. It would be incredibly useful if both the episodes and those videos could be together in one place.

Spotify already has a fantastic theme to combine videos and audio. Fans will be able to go to just Spotify instead of another site.


Podcasts videos can give a behind-the-scenes look at  the making of an episode, or they can upload content that didn’t make it into the episode. A quick 30 second video is a fantastic way to keep listeners engaged in-between episodes.

Spotify Audiobooks

Spotify has greatly increased it’s efforts in Podcasts, and many podcast listeners listen to audiobooks as well.

Why Should Spotify Offer Audiobooks?

No other service offers Music, Podcasts, and Audiobooks seamlessly. Spotify already offers Music and Podcasts, let’s add Audiobooks to that list!

Users will be able to quickly find the most popular audiobooks, and find the latest releases.

Users will also be able to find audiobooks based on genre.

The player screen will be similar to that of the screen when a podcasts is being played.

Users will be able to jump through chapters with a screen that appears when users double-tap on the cover.

Users will be able to add this audiobook to a playlist or share with friends.

Sleep Timer & Sort By

The current features offered in the app are just okay, but with a few more, Spotify could be the a sole podcast player and user needs to open.

Tapping on the three horizontal lines will display a new Sort menu.

The Unplayed section is pretty simple, but adding a “Sort By” option would be useful to be able to listen to older episodes first.

Currently, users have to find the show that they want and sort from there. Many listeners like to listen to many different podcasts in a row, starting with the oldest.

Adding a Sleep Timer to the app should be essential. Many users listen to podcasts as they fall asleep, and shows will keep on going until they are stopped when the users wakes up.

That could be a lot of missed episodes that weren’t actually enjoyed.

Tapping on the three dots will bring up the normal menu.

Users will be able to select a “Sleep Timer” from the pop-up menu.

The Sleep Timer option would be found in the current menu when a podcast is being played.

A user will be able to select the time they want their podcast (or music) to stop playing.

The remaining time will be displayed in the same menu where it can also be edited or cleared.

Adding a Second Queue

Separating the queue will make it easier for users to add content they want to listen to at a later time.


For example, users might look for podcasts while they are listening to music or listening to podcast while browsing music.


If they find an episode that they find interesting, and want to listen to it later, they have to download it and then look for it in their Unplayed Section, which can be difficult if the user has a lot of unplayed shows.

Separating the queues will make it easier for users to quickly switch between music and podcasts/videos



-User can create a quick list of content that they want to listen to without having to create a new playlist.

-Listeners will be able to sync up podcasts on a queue without interrupting their music listening, and vice-versa.

External Players for Websites and Social Media

Giving show creators the ability to promote their shows outside of the app is a great way to promote their show and as well as the Spotify app.

Many podcast apps do not provide this, and creators are either forced to provide a link that is easily missed by potential listeners or upload a video with audio.

Creators will be able to share their episodes on their social media and embed them on websites.

I hope you like what you see, please share on social media, and maybe Spotify will see these and implement them!


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