Bigfoot has been a legend for years, but these shows and episodes are going to make it feel like it’s man’s best friend…. ish…

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Shows Dedicated to the Search!

Dive a little deeper into the legend of Bigfoot!

How Bigfoot Ruined a Man's Life


In 1967 two men shot what became the iconic Bigfoot "footage". It ruined one of their lives forever.

Episode 232: Bigfoot Hunters


It's the strange and wonderful world of Bigfoot hunters this week as we cover hunting techniques (it's all about the RIDGES), the legitimate-as-you-can-get Bigfoot Field Research Organization aka BFRO, and the definitely illegitimate Great American Field Research Organization aka GABFRO.



All over the world people report sightings of big, hairy, human-like beasts, so could Bigfoot really be out there... somewhere? We ask Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Prof. Bryan Sykes, Prof. Todd Disotell, and the Round Rock, Texas, Department of Parks and Recreation.

#51: Killer Bigfoot


This week we are exploring the darker side of everyone’s favorite hairy hominid.

The Search For Bigfoot


For centuries, cultures around the world have told tales of "wild men" lurking in the woods, and reports of these creatures continue in the modern day. So what exactly is Bigfoot? Join the guys as they interview David Bakara, the creator of Expedition: Bigfoot, to learn more about his search for the creature and the inspiration behind his museum.

Kidnapped by Bigfoot: The Albert Ostman Story


Some tales are tall tales, and some tales involve an ape-like creature that stands over 7 feet tall and weighs around 700 pounds. Such was the tale of Albert Ostman, who claimed that in 1924, while on a leisurely prospecting trip in British Columbia, Canada, he was kidnapped in the middle of the night by a Sasquatch, or what is more commonly known as "Bigfoot."

How Bigfoot Works


For centuries North American tribes have told stories of a hairy wild giant in the wilderness, and once Europeans arrived they claimed to see it, too. Chuck and Josh examine the claims of believers and the rebuttals of skeptics in this evenhanded episode.

Episode 97: Bigfoot Staring Back At Me


In Episode 97, we bring on guests David and Kim to their individual stories. First, David recounts how one night, while practicing his music up in the mountains, he looked into the rearview mirror of his SUV and saw a face he will never forget - the face of a bigfoot! David also shares a few paranormal experiences that left a deep impression on him.

The Science of Bigfoot - Episode 10


For years scientists have maintained that due to the encroachment of mankind, a large, bipedal creature, like Bigfoot, could not remain undetected in the United States. But, what does the total forestation have to say? What about the number of animals required to sustain an entire species?

125 - The Legend of Bigfoot


Matt talks about a few of the most famous bigfoot tales, including how the creature got its name and the controversial Patterson-Gimlin Film... whether you're a believer or not, it's interesting stuff!

Episode 6 - the 50th Anniversary of the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot film


Episode 6 - it's been 50 years since Robert Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed what is arguably the most seen cryptid film ever, the infamous bigfoot footage! We will take a deep dive into the filming of this footage, the men who were there and possibly others that might have been there. Was it real? Was it a hoax? Who were Robert Patterson and Bob Gimlin and what happened that fateful day.