The Secret Genius series from Spotify gives an incredible behind the scenes look at some of today’s biggest hits, but currently, there are so many aspects  to the series that are lost because they are not found in a central place.

There is a podcast found in the podcast browser, a video series in the video series browser, and playlists for each podcast. Users may not even know that these different parts of the series exist.

The playlist featuring music from the podcast can be found right below it. When a user clicks on the cover, they will be taken to the playlist’s page

If videos continue to be something that goes along with the series, they will also be able to be found on this page.

The podcast can be found in one area, as they are now. When a user clicks on the cover, that podcast will immediately start playing.

If all the content produced for the Secret Genius series is able to be found in one place, users will obviously not have to go out of their way to find it.