It’s a quickly growing market, both HarperCollins and Simon and Schuster revealed that their audiobook sales increased and make up a good portion of their revenue (

Spotify has greatly increased their efforts in podcasts, and many podcast listeners listen to audiobooks as well.

According to a survey from the Audio Publishers Association, many audiobook listeners tend to listen to twice as many audiobooks in the past twelve months as non-podcast consumers (

A large demographic of audiobook listeners are under the age of 35. Which is also a big demographic of Spotify users (

If Spotify offered Audiobooks it could look like something below…

Desktop Browsing

To browse audiobooks, the desktop page will look similar to the current podcast browse page.

Users will also be able to search based on genre.

Users will be able to quickly find the latest releases and featured audiobooks.

Mobile Browsing

Desktop Player

This particular audiobook was submitted in two parts.

The desktop player will have different designs, depending on how the audiobook is recorded.

Some books could be separated by chapters or others may be one-long recording.

Mobile Player

Users will be able to add audiobooks to playlists or share it with friends.

The audio mobile player display will be similar to the podcast mobile player display.

Clicking on the “…” will bring up a menu with options to download, add to queue, set a sleep timer, find more audiobooks, and share it.

Authors or publishers can use an external player to post on social media and websites to help promote the book.

Spotify Audiobooks Redesign

Why Should Spotify Offer Audiobooks?

How Could Offering Audiobooks Be Beneficial?

Books can be promoted in a similar way as albums!

A chapter, or chapters, can be released each week until the release of the full book. This can help build anticipation.

Listeners of audiobooks could enjoy the idea of having an app for their music, podcast, and audiobooks.

Spotify has more users than many other streaming services, offering audiobooks may encourage users to listen, and they might enjoy it!