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Spotify & Discover Weekly:How To Compel Users To Take Action 


In the summer of 2015 Spotify announced "Discover Weekly," (DW) its algorithmically-curated weekly playlist. Since then, DW has become such an integral part of Spotify users' week to the point where one week when there was a bug with the playlist, users vented their frustration on Twitter. How did Spotify engineer this craving? On this episode, I discuss the psychology behind compelling people to take action. In the conclusion, I present to you actionable tools that you can implement into your marketing strategy today - whether it's for your product, service, a fan contest, or anything else.

Spotify's Daniel Ek — How to build trust FAST 


Normally, trust = consistency + time. But when you're scaling fast — you have to find shortcuts, with your partners and your users. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek knows a thing or two about this. When he founded Spotify, he did what no disruptor had ever done before: He worked WITH the industry he was trying to reinvent. How did Ek build a relationship with a music industry wary of piracy? He found shortcuts to trust. And not just with the music industry, but users too: 140M of them. With cameo appearances from Gustav Söderström (Spotify's Chief Research & Development Officer) and Miles Daisher (Red Bull Air Force),

Spotify Gave You a Gift, Don't Screw It Up! 


As Spotify opens their new playlist submission feature, Rick takes some time to give advice to artists looking to take advantage of this opportunity. Spotify has opened up their tailored playlists for artists to submit their songs for consideration. So listen in to today’s episode to find out how you can wisely use this for your success.

The Rise of Spotify with Allison Hagendorf 


Allison Hagendorf is the Global Head of Rock for Spotify! If it’s on the #RockThis playlist, it’s because Allison put it there!  She’s a bonafide lover of rock, only sees concerts if she can be in the pit, and has spent serious hangout time with U2, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame, and the late, great Chris Cornell!  Nirvana changed her life; grunge spoke to her like no other music did… and Bottle Rock is her new favorite music festival. She’s got great stories, great music recommendations, and some inside scoop on how Spotify is disrupting the music industry!

20VC: Learnings From Backing The Likes of Spotify and Airbnb


Woody Marshall is a General Partner @ TCV, one of the most successful growth funds of the last decade with a portfolio including the likes of Facebook, AirBnB, Spotify, LinkedIn and many more incredible companies. Woody joined TCV in 1995 and has since led investments in Spotify, Netflix, AirBnB, Peloton, Groupon and the list goes on. Due to this phenomenal success, Woody has been named numerous times to the Midas List by Forbes as one of the industry’s top technology investors.

Ep. 117 - Spotify Cuts Out The Middle Man For Independent Artists 


Ep. 117 - Spotify Cuts Out The Middle Man For Independent Artists

Spotify / Marco Bertozzi / VP Sales Europe / Marketing in a Screenless World 


Marco’s shiny new object is “Marketing in a Screenless World” - and he’s on a mission to draw marketers attention away from visual marketing. He claims that “The marketing world is obsessed with video” and tells us of the seismic changes in the industry that Voice Tech and Audio will bring.

#38: New Spotify CCO Dawn Ostroff On What’s Next For Streaming Services 


Recently taking the reins as Spotify’s Chief Content Officer, Dawn Ostroff’s blockbuster career in media includes founding and serving as President of Conde Nast Entertainment and creating the CW Television Network, where she fostered hits such as “Gossip Girl” and “Vampire Diaries.” Listen in as she tells LionTree CEO Aryeh Bourkoff all about the new gig, as well as the secret behind her “Three P’s” philosophy.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek (Live at Code 2018) 


Daniel Ek, the CEO of music-streaming company Spotify, talks with Recode’s Kara Swisher and Peter Kafka at the 2018 Code Conference. Ek explains why Spotify temporarily banned R. Kelly from its playlists and why it backed off of that ban. He also talks about the company’s recent public listing and how Spotify plans to grow while losing money every quarter based on normal accounting standards. Plus: Why video is becoming more important to Spotify as a platform and how the company is distinguishing its corporate culture from Silicon Valley norms.

Ep. 230 Spotify's Discover Weekly Playlist Really Works In Discovering New Music 


This week’s episode #230 this week to talk about how much each of us LOVE the Discover Weekly playlist from Spotify. The playlist does an amazing job delivering music that we like. And, how many new artists we have discovered because of the playlist.