Spotlight On: Business Wars

As long as their is business, there is going to be competition. Business Wars from Wondery dives into the battles between the biggest battles between companies. Like most battles, there is much more to the story than what is seen in the public. Join David Brown as he uncovers the real stories of what drives this companies to new heights or ruin!

Marvel vs DC

Origin Stories

The Fantastic Mr. Lee


Big Screen Heroes

The Cinematic Universe

Nike vs Adidas

Interview with Jason Mewes and Reed Tucker

Schemes, Scans, and Double Crosses


The Starting Line

Walking Billboards

Nike Air


The Defactors

Interview with Liz Dolan and David Meltzer

Netflix vs Blockbuster

Sudden Death


Dirty Tricks

The Digital Divide

HBO Gets In The Ring


The Way We Watch

Interview with Rich Greenfield