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Secret Genius: Luke Laird


From Hartstown, Pennsylvania, Luke Laird grew up with Willie Nelson and The Jackson 5 in his parents' record collection. He fell hard for hip-hop and country while at high school, signed his first publishing deal straight out of college and is the only person alive to have written for Carrie Underwood, John Legend, Toby Keith and Future. Luke Laird is a true Secret Genius.

5: DJ Semtex & Parris OH


Who is the world’s greatest recording artist alive? is it really Ye’? Is Ye' greater than artists across other genres, past and present? DJ Semtex and Parris get into it, and break down the latest Kanye West declaration. The last 7 days have been monumental, actually historic for rap music. Kanye West visits the White House to talk with the President of America. What should have a been a moment of productive change and a meeting of minds turns into something completely different. Meanwhile Drake sits down in a barbershop with Lebron James to discuss how he was betrayed and set up by Kanye West. If that wasn't enough for Semtex and Parris to talk about, over in the UK Dave and Fredo make chart history by scoring a no. 1 record in the UK chart with 'Funky Friday'.



After discussing their experiences with nightmare flatmates, Naledi and David ask how woke is too woke? And how do you stay happy in a small town, when you've experienced what it's like to be out in a major city? All that and more, with an extended length interview with Ray BLK!

mid90s - ft. Jonah Hill


Jonah Hill’s writing and directorial debut mid90s is a coming-of-age story set to some of the most memory-provoking tracks of that decade. From Pixies and Morrissey to A Tribe Called Quest and The Pharcyde, the soundtrack has been lovingly chosen from Hill’s personal collection. In this live Showstopper, X sits down with Hill at a screening of his film to discuss growing up as a not-so-great skater kid in LA, his influences as a director, and how he used music to help him write the screenplay. Then, listen to the official motion picture playlist for mid90s right here, only on Spotify.

S2 E04: The Kingpins' Kids


When a hungry young DEA agent arrives in Detroit, he picks the perfect case to make his bones: taking down Eddie Jackson and Courtney Brown’s sprawling heroin organization. But if the drug kingpins fall, what will happen to their kids? As the feds close in, Eddie Jr. and Courtney Jr. must face the possibility of growing up without their fathers.  For bonus content from this episode, visit

Jade Novah


Our guest this episode is a hustler to the highest degree, and her name is Jade Novah. This woman is the real deal; She’s been writing songs and touring with some of the biggest names in the business for years, and this summer, she released her own debut album, "All Blue." Jade Novah is a singer, songwriter, comedian, and certified viral sensation, and overall, just simply on fire.

Natalie Prass talks Dionne Warwick “Deja Vu”


In this episode, singer-songwriter Natalie Prass joins us at the Spotify Studio in New York City and describes the early influences of the sixties R&B genre defining voice of Dionne Warwick as she creates a special take on her classic Deja Vu.

Episode 188 | "Steven Victor"


On this episode of the Joe Budden podcast, Pusha T sits in with Joe, Rory, and Mal. They discuss the rules of beef (10:24), Pusha T and Drake's fued (14:37, 17:20, 24:47), his relationship with Kanye (58:30) and plenty more!    Be sure to use the promo code below for Spotify Premium account FREE for 60 days! Promo code:

Open Mike Eagle


We knew Open Mike Eagle would be straight with us about what’s really going on in the lane he works in: known but not famous, successful after years of effort, self-aware and on to you, expressing himself fully but not sure who's hearing him.

Trailer: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Mini-Series


In celebration of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’s 20th year anniversary, Dissect will be honoring this historic album with a special 8 episode mini-series. Through archival interviews, cultural commentary, and unmatched musical and lyrical analysis, we’ll discover how Ms. Hill synthesized a diverse array of sounds, emotions, and stories to create one of the most influential albums of all time. Tune in weekly every Tuesday beginning October 30th.

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