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Score Points 


This is “Score Points”, a podcast about the music behind this year’s hit video games: “Red Dead Redemption II”, “God of War”, “Celeste”, “FIFA”, “Madden, and Marvel’s Spider-Man”. Over six episodes, the composers and teams behind these titles break down what went into these epic scores, discuss their processes, challenges, and triumphs, and go behind the scenes on what it’s like to work on a video game production. We’ll explore it all: From the history of gaming and music, to the AAA epics like God of War, to the indie darlings like Celeste. Score Points is a podcast from Spotify and The Game Awards.

MSE7 – Dissecting “Everything Is Everything” by Lauryn Hill


Our serialized analysis of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill continues with ""Nothing Even Matters"" and ""Everything Is Everything."" Having submitted herself to god, Ms. Hill displays the tranquility, acceptance, and maturity she's acquired through the life lessons she learned outside the classroom.

EP 8: The Trial 


El Chapo goes on trial in Brooklyn. We bring you the story of twin brothers from Chicago who turned on Chapo and became key witnesses in the case against him.

Nick Jonas


Nick Jonas’s father was an ordained minister who surrounded his four sons -- Kevin, Joey, Nick, and Frankie -- with music. At age 7, Nick became a child actor on Broadway. At age 11, a chance encounter with a chiropractor landed him a record deal -- which soon morphed into a deal for Nick, Joey, and Kevin as the Jonas Brothers. Despite early setbacks, their 2007 self-titled album catapulted them to teen idol status. The Disney Channel series, the Disney Channel films, along with the purity rings all projected an image of a clean-cut boy band. But years of growing up in the public eye took its toll, and in 2013 the Jonas Brothers announced they were splitting. Nick initially struggled to prove he was more than a former boy band member. But today, he has established himself as a singer songwriter, as well as a film and stage actor.



Amy and friends talk about having money and losing money. Jessica Seinfeld joins to talk about the GOOD+ Foundation which helps break the multi-generational cycle of poverty. She also talks about the possibility of turning into a cat lady when Jerry dies. Jessica’s cat, Javier, is up on this week’s Pound It or Pass.

14: Best of 2018 Wrap Up


We are witnessing the greatest time ever for Hip Hop. 2018 has been non-stop - we’ve seen new artists emerge, heard amazing new music, watched as artists made history, influenced popular culture, tore up stages, and moved crowds. 

UK rap has never been as big or as successful as it is right now, the creative boundaries are constantly pushed, and each year more artists dare to redefine success.



As we approach the eve of 2019, DJ Semtex and Parris break down some of the greatest moments of 2018\. Who has the best album, single, or comeback? Who is the best artist of 2018? There are a lot of contenders, and it all gets discussed, but of course there isn’t much that Semtex and Parris actually agree on!

David Dobrik


Episode 12 of #DO4AGT features David & Naledi discussing Shawn Mendes and toxic masculinity, and sexual health-related news stories from the world before being joined by yet another David in the form of David Dobrik who discusses YouTube, DACA, and his plans for 2019.

S2 E11: The Hip Hop Mayor 


To his supporters, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is a new breed of politician: young, cool, and in touch with black culture. To his critics, his flashy appearance and taste for nightlife are evidence of his immaturity. Rumors about Kilpatrick begin to swirl: sky-high spending, an out-of-control entourage, and wild parties at the mayoral mansion. Is Kwame Kilpatrick in over his head? Or is he being targeted because of his race?

Anderson East talks Mariah Carey “Always Be My Baby”


In this episode, Alabama native Anderson East jokes as he recalls the joy of trying to hit those infamous Mariah Carey notes while covering her undeniable pop hit, “Always Be My Baby.”

Shawn Mendes talks Kings of Leon “Use Somebody”


In our Season One finale, we sit down with superstar Shawn Mendes. He chats about his long relationship with cover songs and the role he plays in educating his young fan base about music as well as diving into his brand new rendition of the Kings of Leon hit “Use Somebody."

Episode 204 | "Bust A Right"


Joe, Rory, and Mal had plenty of "beef" to discuss. They begin with Ebro vs Kodak Black (16:45), Lira Galore vs Kaylar Will (33:43), and Kanye's ongoing feud with Drake (55:18) and much more!

S2 Ep3: A Seat at the Table


Before you dive into this episode, you better grab a snack. Because this week, we're talking about food!



Our interview with the Canadian rapper felt like picking up where we left off, maybe because he does double duty like Ali, making his own work on a new engrossing album while helping other people share theirs, as host of Netflix's Hip-Hop Evolution.

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