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MotoGP™ Podcast - Episode 8 - #ArgentinaGP Review 


On this week’s show to help Fran and Matt debrief another awesome weekend of racing, we have regular analyst John Hopkins discuss the different riding styles between Jorge Lorenzo & Marc Marquez, #MotoGP pit lane reporter Simon Crafar talks us through the jump start controversy & we have two EXCELLENT feature interviews with Marc Marquez’ crew chief, Santi Hernandez and Moto2 podium finisher and son of 1987 500cc World Champion, Wayne Gardner... Remy Gardner! You do NOT want to miss this one.

Episode 6: The News Behind The News 


The Clash head out into the heartland of America and, for the first time, experience the emotional isolation of a long tour. Their lives change forever when they reach the place that’s to become their second home, New York City.

30: Steel Banglez 


In 2018 Steel Banglez took to the stage at Who We Be Live Birmingham, and shut down the show with his own releases and hits that he has produced for other artists. Although he has recently started to dominate playlists and charts with his own releases, Steel Banglez is a prolific artist/producer/DJ who has played a significant role in the development of the UK scene across different eras. He is a certified hitmaker who has worked with genre defining artists across Grime, UK rap, and Afrobeats; From Wiley and Tinie Tempah to Dave and Mostack. How he developed his craft is as inspiring as his discography, so for this episode of Who We Be Talks_, DJ Semtex caught up with Steel Banglez at Tape London for the full story.

Jemele Hill is Unbothered 


Beginning April 15th - Honest, unbothered, unfiltered opinions on news, pop culture, politics, and sports from Jemele Hill and her co-hosts Michael Arceneaux and Cole Wiley. New episodes every Monday & Thursday at 7pm ET/4pm PT.

Episode 236 | "Athleisure" 


On this episode, Joe, Rory, Mal and Parks give an update on the Nipsey Hussle tragedy as new details have emerged (11:23). They also discuss "US" (49:04), Kevin Hart's new stand-up special (54:00), Beyonce partnering with Adidas and much more! Intro Songs: Kendrick Lamar - "FEEL." Young Jeezy - "Circulate" Sleeper Picks Joe: Tragedy Khadafi - "Calm Down" Rory: Beanie Sigel - "It's On" Mal: DMX - "Blackout" Parks: The Roots - "Clones"

This Just In: The Voting Will NEVER STOP 


Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing (@JamieLaing_UK), Krishnan 'The News' Guru-Murthy (@krishgm) and comedian Sindhu Vee (@sindhuvfunny) join host Jolyon Rubinstein (@JolyonRubs) to discuss the latest Brexit-Shambles, Mueller's 'exoneration' of Trump and the further rise of TV streaming services. Contains Strong Language.

Lab 004: Protect Ya Neck 


After being eradicated in the US in 2000, measles is back with a vengeance. There are already over 250 confirmed cases in 2019. What's next, the Black Plague is back?! In this week's lab, Titi and Zakiya apply the sciences of epidemiology, medicine, and communication to better understand all of the back and forth that's happening around viruses and vaccines, and how various influences, including celebrity (ahem, Jenny McCarthy) and social media can affect our health behavior. Guest: Dr. Rupali Limaye of Johns Hopkins University.

Pregnancy with Emily Oster 


Author Emily Oster joins to dispel the myths around pregnancy. Can you have a little wine? A little salmon? A little crack? Emily also talks about massaging your taint, and she happily jumps on the #MuteKeith bandwagon. Pregnant Jessica Simpson is the subject of this week’s Pound It or Pass.

Nipsey Hussle & Dr Sebi, Conspiracy Theories, Conversations That Need To Be Had - 138 


The 3ShotsOfTequila Podcast - Episode 138 - Topics: Nipsey Hussle & Dr Sebi, Conspiracy Theories, Conversations That Need To Be Had + More

Unequal Pay (with Jessica Chastain) 


Ashley and Chelsea talk about unequal pay for women in the workplace and how it needs to stop. Actress Jessica Chastain (Interstellar) chats with Rose Reeves and Gayl Johnson, two women who (surprise, surprise) discovered they were being paid way less than their white male co-workers. But they didn’t sit quietly. And we’ll soak up some wisdom from Arlan Hamilton, a Silicon Valley hotshot on a mission to close the funding gap for women of color.

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