A section where users can discover upcoming releases is a fantastic way to create anticipation and discover new music!

Once listeners are done basking in the new melodies that they just discovered on Friday, they will be able to see what else is about to be released.

Other companies already offer a “Pre-save” option, but keeping listeners within the app is a sure way to keep users using Spotify, and bring new ones in.

This can also be used by the band to see how well the album/song could do initially, and adjust how they are promoting the music.

Giving artists the option to make their music available for “pre-save” will help Spotify and artists capitalize on fans’ interest in new music.

Bands will be able to share previews of their songs with Spotify, and bands can even encourage users to “Pre-save” their music on Spotify.

Spotify is an excellent tool to share music, but it can do more for bands if there are more tools available to build anticipation for release day.

Giving the bands and fans the ability to share samples of the soon-to-be-released song or album will encourage new users to head over to the Spotify app.