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We love our 90’s Nickelodeon

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Welcome to Episode 44 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Nickelodeon Are you afraid of the Dark? Well if your childhood was anything like ours, you’ll have your blue caps on and are loaded into the Reptar Wagon because we are going Nickelodeon! The Nerds take another trip down nostalgia avenue discussing and reminiscing their favorite shows, characters, and games of Nickelodeon. Pack your Krabby Patties and learn the words of the Doom Song, we’re getting slimed in this episode of Nerd On!

107 - History of Nickelodeon


Matt Klickstein wrote a book called "Slimed: An Oral History of Nickelodeon." Here, he explains how he did that.

3. Disney vs. Nickelodeon


It’s a Nickelodeon vs Disney Channel debate with guests, Kendall and Gary on episode 3... Were you a Disney or a Nickelodeon kid? Let us know!

How did Nickelodeon Revolutionize Television?


Spoiler: it involves lots of slime! Will and Mango explore the channel's early history from how Double Dare horrified the sanitation department, the (savvy) reason one TV show never used purple, and why a channel that had no business getting into cartoons staked their business on 3 groundbreaking shows.

Nickelodeon CMO Pam Kaufman - The Millennial Story


Praised for constantly imagining new live experiences and creating thriving partnerships, Nickelodeon CMO and President of Consumer Products Pam Kaufman shares insights on brand evolution beyond screens. Television isn’t dead, but never underestimate the importance of family, and its impact on future generations of consumers.

"Nickelodeon Took Over My School"


In 1990, these three friends saw their school taken over by Nickelodeon. Here, they explain how and why.

Ep. 40a 90s Nickelodeon Game Shows (GUTS, Wild & Crazy Kids, Double Dare and Legends of the Hidden Temple)


The TTA90s guys talk about 90s Nickelodeon game shows such as GUTS, Wild & Crazy Kids, Double Dare and Legends of the Hidden Temple! This is part 1 of a 2 part episode. Also, the guys talk about Bill Paxton, Logan and the new Nintendo Switch! Finally, the rhetorical question will be answer, "Do You Have It?!?!?! GUTS!!!!!!

Everything about Nickelodeon's Wild and Crazy Kids Game Show!


This episode, we’re a podcast that goes anywhere and does anything to find nostalgic kids having fun as we get into everything about the 90s Nickelodeon game show, Wild and Crazy Kids and compare it to our other favorite Nickelodeon game shows!