Who knew that there were such weird people that held the highest office in the land?

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15 Ridiculous Myths (And Insane Facts) About U.S. Presidents


Everyone is always warning you not to get lost in the weeds. But not Vox's Ezra Klein, Dara Lind, Sarah Kliff, and Matthew Yglesias. They love Believe it or not, Abe Lincoln was a real person. Oh sure sure, he SEEMS like a kindly freedom-giant of the mythic past, who strode out of the fog and into kicking Robert E. Lee’s butt. But isn’t it more interesting if he was a real guy? Heck, isn’t it more interesting if EVERY past President was an actual human being, with dreams and sicknesses and fixations like anybody else? And strangest of all, what if the elaborate myths we build around POTUSes are both untrue AND the least interesting thing about them?

Who is America's Worst President?


Stand back far enough, and most American presidents look smart, polished and the picture of decorum... but not these gents! From a rabble-rousing arsonist to a fancy pants gossip, to a card-playing Do Nothing, Will and Mango look back at some of the greatest men to squander their time in the Oval Office.

Who's our Weirdest President?


Will and Mango plan to build a new Rushmore. But who deserves to be on it? Chester "too many pants" Arthur? Calvin "Vaseline Head" Coolidge? Or just the legendary M Van B? Featuring Cormac O'Brien.

Episode 41 - Top Ten Strange Facts About US Presidents


Episode 41 The Twisted Ten Episode 41 - Top Ten Strange Facts About US Presidents - Jay really takes us down a historical road. With the inauguration of President Trump so fresh in our memory, Jay tells us 10 things none of us knew about Past Presidents.

Christopher Nixon Cox Revisits President Nixon's Legacy, Policies, And Relationship With Press


Christopher Nixon Cox, grandson of President Richard Nixon and Nixon Foundation Board Member, joins Ben Domenech to discuss President Nixon's impact on both domestic and foreign policy. They reflect on Nixon's contributions to the Republican Party today, and Chris's memories of his grandfather.